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Gentlemen`s Club Exclusive Events

A Community With Strong Values…

When great people meet, magical things happen! This is why our community is all about mutual support. We inspire each other. We share advice. We open doors for fellow members. We all share a passion for the good life and help each other live life to the fullest.

In our Club, the NEW man has three steps, ie hierarchy. These are based on reaching different levels of the club – Junior Member, Senior Member or Privileged Member. Depending on the interview, age and social occupation, the new member is assigned to one of the hierarchical levels.

A Strong Community

This is a trusted community, with a passion for the personal development of each member. Our community is made up of gentlemen and ladies with broad horizons who share an interest in education and creating new connections. All of our esteemed members were invited into the community by a member or were personally admitted by our membership committee.

Everyone knocking on the Gentlemen’s Club door is interviewing the club’s founder to maintain our standards.
Once received at Gentlemen’s Club, members receive a member recognition card. The card can be used to benefit from discounts at Gentlemen’s Club partners.

Attend Exclusive Events!

Once accepted into our club members receive access to unique events.
You just have to go through the rank of Junior member, being a Senior member & amp; Privilege of our community, we provide an enchanting mix of events, for them, ranging from product tastings to openings and cigar tasting.
During the meetings, topics are discussed and members learn from each other. Masters in different fields.

Make Friends

Meet fellow GTM members while exploring the application.Since we are a strong community, chances are high that you will meet fellow GTM members while you`re in an application, either by coincidence (it`s a small world), through our application which lets members know from where you`re, or because you reached out to the local event.

Get Trusted

Since we are a strong community, chances are high that you will meet fellow GTM members while you`re in application, either by coincidence (it`s a small world), through our app which lets members know from where you are, or because you reached out to the local event. Either way, meeting people with a strong passion for education and open-minded has never been easier!

The benefits of a strong community

We love living our life beautifully! That is why we work with many national and international brands so that members can enjoy special discounts.

That is why we loyal each member and offer him the possibility to choose the most efficient products and services on the market at dedicated prices.



Next workshop


Cornel Istrate The founder of Gentlemen’s Club will present practical situations, in good manners and etiquette, to help you have a pleasant presence in society, to acquire the label of a more educated and good-natured man.

Teodor Sanda – clothing advisor & amp; image consultant in the political field, corporate will present during the course the importance of the wardrobe and wardrobe audit.

Robert Udrea Hairdresser at Men’s Studio Dorobanți will tell about the importance of a gentleman’s hygiene and the trends in the art of choosing the perfect haircut.

Course Duration 1 Day

Exclusive discounts for Gentlemen`s Club members

Gentlemen’s Club members – receive the membership card, it can be used at club members. With this card members receive discounts and preferential treatment.


Gentlemen’s Club is an exclusive club dedicated to those who have done and done great things, contributing to a better society. Gentlemen’s Club is about self-esteem, respect and common sense! Gentlemen’s Club is about friendship and mutual respect. Gentlemen’s Club is about members and knowledge. We thank the beautiful people who are part of our community.

Among them:


1. Complete the membership application

2. Wait for our phone call

3. Activate your GTM membership account

4. Accept our smart business GTM card

5. Enjoy GTM events

6. Use the GTM card for discounts


I sent a member request, will I be accepted?

Everyone who submits an application in Gentlemen’s Club goes through a verification process to help maintain the quality of our community. If you do not meet these standards, you will not be accepted.

Can my membership be revoked?

As a community of gentlemen, it is important that we are helping each other & treating each other with respect. If you cannot do this, your membership will be immediately revoked.

Why isn't Gentlemen's Club a Facebook Group?

It’s about respect & organization — Gentlemen’s Club is a application tool used by smart people to efficiently communicate and meet. Conversations in Gentlemen’s Club app. can be private and organized. Furthermore, Gentlemen’s Club gives you more control over the management of club & notifications that you receive.

Is there a club entrance fee?

Yes, the community is supported by the contributions of its members. Gentlemen’s Club is an NGO, but to become a member you pay the initiation fee + 5 monthly fees in the GTM platform. Depending on your professional level, age and interview, you will be part of a hierarchy of the club – junior, senior or privileged. For each level, the initiation fee is paid in the club.

If I am female, can I apply in Gentlemen's Club?

Yes, if you are a lady, Miss, you can join GTM Ladies Club. It is only necessary to complete your request for membership here.

Why join Gentlemen’s Club?

Our Gentlemen’s Club members join for many reason but often include:

  1. They want to grow exponentially faster than they already are.
  2. Opportunities& Resources
  3. Education
  4. Looking to partner with other entrepreneurs on new opportunities, ideas & startups.
  5. Know that surrounding themselves with like-minded people will increase their chance of success exponentially.
  6. Realize that most successful entrepreneurs have a large network of mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues they can tap into for advice, but don’t have the time, energy or will to spend hours in meetups or conferences.
  7. Share de produse și servicii. Discounturi la serviciile membrilor și nu numai.
  8. Vip Tratament, respect.
  9. Invitation-only networking events
  10. Motivation


GENTLEMEN’S CLUB is tracked online by over 2 million people organically, and ranks 2nd in the Facebrands rankings. en. The club unites more than 2800 members.

Together, we see a more educated world. If you resonate with our values, join the club!

You have free access to the Gentlemen’s Club membership platform, where you can see the benefits of Gentlemen’s Club membership.


* Member Profile – Interests & amp; Opportunities / Internal Chat – Members

*Local and International Clubs – Ladies & amp; Gentlemen

* Gentlemen’s Club Library

* Members NEARBY you

* Community Posts – Wall / Voice of Community – Community Voice



Ghidul de Maniere își dorește să insufle dorința de a te dezvolta constant pentru a deveni încrezator și asertiv, competent profesional și responsabil social.

Gentlemens Club Wine

Gentlemens Wine

  • Gentlemen's Club. When I dreamed of this unique concept, most of those close to me said that the gentlemen are asleep and it will be hard for me to wake them up ... Well, after 10 years of searching and sanding, we have the most beautiful social club. This coupon is unique, as well as those who love the club founded by me.You are one of those who know how to value the beautiful. This wine is about the gentleman in you. It's a gentlemen's wine. Always be a gentleman, even after a few glasses. Because the Lords never fell asleep, they never give up good taste.

Gentlemen's Club Member Benefits

  • Access to JUNIOR Gentlemen’s Club Members’ Room;
  • Members’ Room – an online platform specially reserved for our members;
  • Access benefits and offers exclusively available to you as a Gentlemen’s Club Member;
  • Certificate Junior Member;
  • Card Junior Member;
  • Acces to local Events;
  • Silver Bracelet Junior Member ;
  • Information about info days, news, conferences and other relevant networking events organised by us and our parteners;
  • Access to Senior Gentlemen’s Club Members’ Room; Members’ Room – an online platform specially reserved for our members.
  • Access benefits and offers exclusively available to you as a Gentlemen’s Club Member;
  • Certificate Senior Member;
  • Card Senior Member;
  • Acces to local Events;
  • Direct Contact / Download vcards – Personal Data;
  • Bracelet Senior Member ;
  • Information about info days, news, conferences and other relevant networking events organised by us and our parteners.


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